Protecting financial futures across generations

Essential Financial Security For Uncertain Times

"Money is hard to earn, easy to lose, guard yours with care" - BRIAN TRACY

What Type of Person aRe You?

3 types of people that take advantage of our specialties

1. Love someone or something
2. Dislike government being their financial partner
3. Don't like to pay tax while they are alive

Which person are you?

7 Financial strategies that are more important then ever before

1) One dollar doing the work of many dollars2) Growing wealth outside of the reach of the tax man (with the tax man's blessing)3) Obtaining a privileged piece of property that can become your largest un-managed asset!4) Guaranting values that will never decrease and are predicted in advance5) Providing inflation protection6) Staying simple regardless of the complexity of your situation7) Converting an asset that can be turned into a pension you can't outlive

Who are WE?

Decades ago Great Plains
Financial & INS Agency was founded to benefit families and small businesses with strategies that would help them protect their financial futures across generations
From the Family Farm Table, to the Corporate Suite, Dennis Gluska has served the most vital Estate Growth and Protection requirements of Entrepeneurs, Professional Practitioners, and Company Employees alike.He has personally witnessed what a powerful impact delivery of CASH INJECTIONS at crucial times can make to the life of a family and generations that follow.

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